I have a sibling!

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    People tell me stories about how them there sister or brother got in angry fights. Though some people said they love there sibling and they do everything together. Well I can tell you one thing I don't have a normal sibling life. Like very day mom was at work and I at school and a lady came in the clinic to help their cat and the lady ( Jen ) was really dearest and sad. My mom asked what was wrong and the whole story unfolded. She couldn't have a child no matter what she did and she said that they found a mom who was willing to give her child away. Jen gave her 12,000$ for everything and the next thing you know she the original mother never gave them the baby and took all the money and never had to give it back. Soon my mom came home looked me strait in the eyes and said would you be ok if I got pregnant and gave the baby to someone else? My eyes widen. I would love to have a sibling! But he/she wouldn't be living with us. I nodded knowing I wouldn't be living with my sibling, though just the thought of having a sibling out in the world somewhere was an amazing thought. Not long after that my mom was pregnant and the dang doctor wouldn't tell me if it was a girl was a boy or a girl! I new it was a little girl already I just had a feeling. the day finally came and Liana was born. It was the first time saw my dad cry, or everyone cry I didn't though. After that day I didn't see her again for a while and when people ask if I had a sibling I just said no and walked away, sometimes I forgot I even had a sister. 1 year past and Liana turned 1 and her party looked like it was for a Quean. We left 15 min in the party it was just to stressful. A few month later I see Jen at the pet store and she come up to me and says Raven I'm pregnant. Soon I felt sick and angry for some reason and sad. My mom was so happy to hear the good news and something hit me, I new the baby was a little boy. Mom and I left the store ant on the way home I started to cry and cry thinking why am I so sad? Maybe it was hormones are just strait confusion. I didn't see Jen for 6 months until mom met her and told me she was overdue. I started to panic and worry. Another month past and mom got a call that said I had a healthy baby boy and his name is Isaac. So I know there out there somewhere still to young to be thinking what I was but there out there.

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