I have a sleeping injury.


Obviously Insane
10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
A couple days ago I woke up with a kink in my neck. I thought it was better today.. but nope tonight it's flared back up. Sleeping injury!
My mother in law woke up one night and put her foot on the wall beside the bed....except I guess she was half asleep because her foot went through the wall!!

She told us all about it the next morning

DH kicked me in his sleep the other day. Talk about a sleeping injury.

Straaaaaaaaange things happen when we're asleep!
I had a neck thing like that last summer that took me down for a week- I finally went to the doc who prescribed hard-core muscle relaxants and a massage...could have been worse!

It worked, too!
This happens to DH regularly due to his job. It happens to me sometimes, too, because I have 3 kids.

I take two Motrin (must be ibuprofin) and use the blue heating pad thing from Walgreens that you pop in the oven for 2 minutes. Reheat over and over and over.
A year or so ago I was on pain meds from pulling my back. Hubby put a comforter on me, and i rolled over decked him and said "keep your darn blanket" while still snoring.
Apperantly codine makes me an angry sleeper.

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