I Have a Sneaky Kitty


Chicken Slave
12 Years
Mar 19, 2007
Brick, NJ
I've been hearing weird noises at night when I'm in bed. It's been raining alot here, and I keep my window open about an inch. So, I think I'm hearing wet sounds like water on the roof, or rain sliding down the window, I wake up and turn on my bedside lamp and my cat Luna is slurping from my water glass!

Apparently she's been doing this a few nights a week, from what I've been hearing. So we've been sharing the water - yuck. Well, I'm not sick or dead yet... meow..

But then again, she does drink out of the toilet too. :eek: Hey, we're all family!
Your water? That's not your water, that's her water. That's why you set it there right? (or so she thinks
) Both my kitties think whatever I have, food, water, or otherwise, belongs to them...
With Kitty, it's my sweet tea; making it impossible to sit outside and drink a glass while relaxing. My late siamese female, Bekka, was also a sweet tea fanatic. Billy the goat even tried it once.
They're a pain sometimes, but they make life interesting right?
I accidently shared a choc malt with Callie last night. Same thing... heard a noise but didn't realize what it was until she licked the straw in front of me. We'd been taking turns but I didn't notice!
I wish sharing water was my only problem. My male cat is trying to be way too sharing with his sister. I don't have the bucks to get her fixed right now either.
If on a tight budget, get HIM fixed for the time being, until you can afford to do her. Neutering is generally alot cheaper than the spaying of a female. Check with local humane organizations to see if any have programs or certificates to help defray the cost.

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