i have a theory about shipped eggs this year


12 Years
Mar 8, 2008
Im retired from the gov't, not the USPS but I have friends who work there..I have bought oh I don't know 8-10 doz shipped eggs this year and I have to say all in all the handling has been just awful. Far worse than its ever been. Almost every shipment, probably 80% have arrived with broken or loose air sacks. Boxes dented, crushed etc..Eggs were packed very well from sellers but treated like soccer balls by the USPS.
After talking to several friends, one of whom is a post master they are telling me that the USPS is under more pressure than ever to deliver on time. Since the updates and some new regs have been put in place(internally) they are pushing harder and harder for them to move packages faster. The USPS is bleeding money and they are trying to turn it around I suppose..
Ill tell you what though, Im sick and tired of ending up with 3-4 hatchable eggs out of 14
This has been an expensive and frustrating year of shipped eggs for me.


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Mar 28, 2014
Central North Carolina
Very true, and in some cases mine were here from the same state and they took over 7 days to get the eggs to me. Out of the 12 eggs only 1 has a baby coming in it. Just royally ticks me off. However so far out of about 26 dozen eggs that we have sent out, we have only had 2 dozen that were 100% smashed, and 3 dozen with a few broken eggs. However i no longer put hatching eggs or fragile on the boxes. I put "Live Embryos" this seems to work better. I do believe that the USPS thinks it is for cattle or horses and then they become more gentle with it. Last year was my most expensive year in me buying hatching eggs. Over $500 for 5 babies to hatch out. However I forced myself to stop this year at $100 including postage. Low and behold only about 5 will be hatching out of the 60+ eggs that I bought through e-bay all because of the USPS handling. They are being very rough on packages.
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