I have an egg!


11 Years
Feb 24, 2008
Upstate SC
Hi everyone,

This evening I found my first egg in the coop. My pullets are 19 1/2 weeks old. I really wasn't expecting an egg so soon. I just put the egg box in there yesterday (lol) because I thought one of them was acting kind of strange so I figured she might be ready to start laying. I guess one of them figured it out pretty fast where to lay the egg because it was in the box exactly where it was supposed to be. The egg seemed kind of small; only about 2 inches long. The shell was thicker than the eggs from the grocery store. I am so excited because an entire summer's worth of work is starting to pay off. I know you all have seen an egg before, but I just had to post a picture.



Congrats. on your first egg. Isn't it just so pretty....lol There is nothing like finding that first egg.

Sounds like she was just waiting on you to put that nest box in there for her to lay in...lol

Gorgeous egg - congrats!

Isn't it funny how they know where to lay? We just installed nest boxes last weekend...and got our first egg today!

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