I have and odd Egg question!

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    I have a white hen, I have had her for about 3 months, she is free range with the rest of my chickens, I feed then the powdery scratch feed and egg layer crumbles, but every night she lays an egg........a soft paper thing jiggling ball of goo! I asked the guys at the feed store if maybe she needed some calcium but he said from what I am already feeding her and her being free range she should get what she needs, anyone else ever had this happen, I just wanna know she's ok. All my chickens are pets and eggs. Any ideas, very curious?
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    sounds like she may need more protein. I give mine black oiled sunflower seeds for treats, and I have never had a soft egg.
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    Maybe she is eating more scratch and less of the complete feed?

    Add oyster shell..cant hurt to try it!

    Cat food is high in protein too!
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    Dec 6, 2008
    I have 20 hens, 13 have started laying eggs. One started laying the end of last week. Her first two eggs were as you described. She is the only one that has laid eggs like that. I feed them Layena, they had free choice of oyster shells. I now mix the oyster shell in with the food. She has laid regular eggs ever since. I give them treats, fresh pumpkins, vegetables, cleaned egg shells, apple cidar vinegar, vitamins. I hard boil eggs and give them that about once every two weeks or so. Good luck Theresa
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