I have babies!! UPDATE!!

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10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
My momma Bourban red has been laying on eggs for a while now and I just walked out to check on her on a whim and they are hatching!! We have at least 2 babies!! I don't know whether to take them away or let her keep them? She is outside under a tree, what should I do?
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We decided to bring them up since we have heard Coyotes lately and out of the 16 eggs she had out there. We have...................................................16 Babies, now inside under the brooder light!
Holy cowwwww!!!!! Thats awesome. What a great momma
Fantastic !!! Keep those babies safe. We have coyotes, fox (gray and red), bobcats, lynx, weasel, pine martin, fishers, raccoons, wolves, cougar and black bear not to mention feral cats and stray dogs. Can't leave nothing out here except for a very cantankerous 13 year old Pot Bellied Pig who won a battle against a black bear (about his same size, maybe a bit bigger) a couple years back with nothing more to show for it than a torn ear. He went at him with his tusks and brute force (he is only 80 pounds). I barely had time to get out of the house before it was over. The pig tossed the bear twice in a couple seconds and the bear left the scene a little worse for wear. The pig thought he was a Bad*** for quite a while after that
BTW..the pig, Orville, lives in the house, we are way too far north for him to make it through the winters here outside. VERY house broke. Cleaner than the dogs actually. I have two week old Eastern Wilds that need a very secure coop and run to keep them safe here. Need to start planning and building.
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