I have baby buttons!!!


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
I am so excited...today is day 17 and I had my first button quail hatch overnight. He is still in the bator and there are no other's hatched out yet...he is dry and fluffy..should I take him out and put into the brooder, or should I wait until all/more hatch??

How long can I safely leave him in the incubator. (using an LG forced air) current temp is 99.5 and 55% humidity.

I wouldn't leave him in the bator more than 24 hours after he hatched. They don't have as much yolk to live on as chicks. Congrats!
I just recently read that these little guys arnt as long lasting as chicks and need to be moved to the brooder when they dry . I dont know how much experance this person had but size wise it makes sense. just sneak in there and get him out IMO
Ok..well he's still in the bator right now..he IS all dry and fluffy..and running around and exploring. He hatched around 7am this morning, so I'll put him into the brooder around 4pm today..once I get the pine shavings and stuff in the brooder box

just an update..I moved the one little fella that hatched this morning to a brooder box...with food, water, heat lamp, and hiding places...he seems to be doing well. I had to show him how to eat and drink a couple of times..but he is really pecking at his food now quite well.

I have 20 more eggs in the bator yet...should I be worried that none of them are hatching out yet...or is this little guy just early? Today at 3pm would be the start of day 18.


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