i have calmed down some. maybe a little.

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    Nov 11, 2008
    she is older hen.. red sex link. has been slowing down lately but I figured it was her age.
    she is very thin almost weighless... really
    her crop is totally empty i can feel nothing in there.
    i can not feel any thing in her crop.
    her egg belly seems to be empty. very empty
    she lives with 34 other hens in a secure new chicken house. no one else is sick.
    she has hay bedding tho it is wet now because we have had a lot of rain and i dont know why the floor became so wet. it has never done that before. could be seeping in under the walls of the house.
    it is a dirt floor. insulated and plenty of roost and nest. plenty of room.
    she is older... got her from a woman who does not take proper care of her hens.. feeds them garbage from the kitchenand from local restaureant and i kinda rescued her.. she was broody when i got her.
    a year ago..
    she was fine.. til lately.. just a week or so maybe two.. just slowed down and then today i noticed that she was really sick. i figured it was just old age.. but then i picked her up and saw how terribley light she is and the empty crop and empty belly.
    the mouth is filled with yellow stinking stuff kinda like some stuff i have coughed up from sinus but yellow and stinks so badly.. i got lots of it out. and gave her warm water in veggie oil with a syringe and also sucked some out with a baby thing i forget what its called blue rubber with spout on it to suck liquid from babys mouth and nose..
    fot lots of it out but stopped when i noticed some blood on the q tip i was using.
    i did get some liguid down her with activia yogert.. she coughed at it.. i wanted to stick the qtip down and get a better hole going to the cr op but was scared to do that very far.. should I
    i cant take her to the vet i took a chip monk once and he turned and left the room.. i hate him to.
    only one available. and hes probably not available at this time of day.
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    Feb 24, 2008
    Carrollton, GA
    If you haven't already, separate her from the others and put her in a clean, dry, quiet place. Is there any discharge from the eyes? It could be canker or possibly a respiratory ill. For canker, Gail Damerow recommends, 1 lb copper sulfate with 1 c. vinegar and 1 gallon water, mix well, add 1 tbsp solution per gallon drinking water for 4-7 days in a non-metal waterer.

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