I have chirping in two eggs...


6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
Albany NY
I am on day 20 for my 9 silkie eggs and I candled half this morning to check for internal pip (I'm super fast so I didn't lose heat or humidity in the bator) and there is chirping in two eggs and one is definetly hitting the shell with its beak, but hasn't pipped yet. The BYCer I get the eggs from told me she has a ton of silkies that hatch on day 20 so I'm super nervous right now!! How long do I give them before I pip for them?


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
Gray, TN
Let them be, they should be able to handle it themselves. Sit on your hands, leave that incubator locked down, and try to keep calm. Many things can affect what day they hatch, temperature fluctuations and the like. If they have internally pipped and are chirping in there, they will be doing their external pip soon. I wouldn't worry unless 24 or so hours passes AFTER you hear chirps and you have no external pips.

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