I have fuzzy butts!!!!!! 6 so far and a question for hatchers, pics!!!


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Mar 27, 2009
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I am SO excited!!! There are at least 6 chicks so far and we're still hatching!

First off, some pics before the question...


I'm in love with this one!


Now, we have Momma and chicks in the upper part of the tractor. To get in and out of the nest box, there is a lip that is about 3" high.I don't think that the chicks are going to be able to get in and out without help, so when is it going to be ok to move them and thier Momma?
I know I should have moved them before the hatch, this is my very first ever hatch, so I'm learning from my mistakes as I go along.
I have a big Foster and Smith kennel that normally houses rabbits, etc that I'm planning on using for the broody and chicks, should I just wait until all are hatched out before moving?
Also, one more dumb question, when are the chicks going to start eating? I've got food and water for Momma up there, but I want to move that asap so there aren't any issues with drowning chicks.

I know, I should have been asking all this beforehand...first timer syndrom has hit now..
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Congrats! Sweet babies!
Wait until they've all hatched to move them. They'll start eating soon- be sure to put some chick start in there. Mom can eat that too. Don't forget to put marbles in the waterer.
Wow, they are so cute! I would wait until they're all hatched before moving them. The chicks don't really eat for a day but mom will try to feed them anyway. Make sure you have chick starter food for both mom and chicks. If you don't have a regular chicken waterer, the kind with the red bottom and screw top jar, I'd get one asap. The chicks can drown in bowl of water. I'd also put marbles in it, especially if it's the gallon size.
Thanks, I'm going to break open the chick starter right now and get the open waterer out of there. I read on here way too many times about chicks drowing, I do NOT want that to happen! I'm counting at least 7 hatching now and we're still a day early for the hatch. This is SO cool!!!!

If I wasn't addicted before, I sure am now!!
my chicks didn't have any problem navigating anything really their mom guides them through the ramp to the coop & all it is *amazing*...... In some ways I feel a bit sorry for the ones I hatch in the bator because they've not seen a blade of grass but that hen she had her chicks out on day 2... I had her behind a *chicken wire barrier* but the ends wre open just a tiny bit & I didn't want her to take them out yesterday because it was a nasty day. She had plans of her out & out they went....
These are eggs that I got from Quail_Antwerp on here and they are mutt eggs. The chicks are SOOO cute!!!! i have NO idea of what I've got but really don't care, they are just precious!

Getting morepics uploaded right now!!
I have some eggs from dipsy under a broody some are pipping, day 21 is tomorrow. I also have some from chicabator under another broody, due tomorrow. I can't wait, these two hens were great mommies last year. They actually raised one clutch together, but I got them seperated this year so they each have a clutch. I love seeing broodies with thier babies. I wouldn't worry about then nest box, they'll figure it all out.

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