I have HUGE butternut squash and am looking for canning info

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    I am looking for ways to can Butternut squash. I normally would just place them whole in my basement and use them "fresh" but this year I decided to try a new seed from Gurney's. It is for extra large Butternut squash. They claim that some squash might get to be 35 pounds! I don't have any 35 pounders (thank God!) but I do have several that I think are over 15 pounds each. The squash are also almost all neck with very little area where the seeds would be. These squash are still attached to the plants and will continue to grow until for about another month. Any way, these two squash are too big for my husband and I to eat over the course of several meals, and even at the holidays there will be too much eating off one of the squash and I dont want to waste any. I do not have space in my freezer to freeze them (my first choice) soI am looking for canning options. I do not know which would have better results, chunking it up and canning chunks or cooking and mashing it then canning it. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    The only thing I have is that you should follow the recipe for pumpkin. The only recipes I have for pumpkin is for pumpkin pie filling (canned). I know that there is a difference between squash's, I guess Maybe you could make some pumpkin pie filling with some and if you wanted to experiment, try canning the rest like reg. squash.
    Recipe for pumpkin pie filling
    cut in med pcs, remove peel
    steam, boil or bake until tender
    to boil; add only enough water to cover
    put pumpkin and liquid from precooking through food
    mill or sieve
    spices may be added.
    simmer until heated through, stirring often to prevent
    pack loosely while hot, into jars to within 1/2" on top.
    put on cap, screwing band tight.
    process; pints 60mins
    quarts 80mins
    at 10 Pounds pressure.
    I would like to know if this helps. Good luck
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    May 6, 2008
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    I would cube it and freeze it, personally. Interested to hear what others think . . .
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    My canning books states it should be frozen rather than canned. It holds up better frozen, it says!

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