I have incubator questions!!! about humdity and the whole works!!!


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Dec 11, 2010
Klagetoh Arizona
I'm am so lost when it comes to hatching eggs I did a lot of research about it. But for some reason sometimes I get great hatches like 30 out of 40 which to me i consider very good considering there were times where only 3 would hatch out of 50. It's a little bit fustrating I have to admit. I keep the temperature at 99.5 which i have a turbofan incubator and it seems to be working better compared to my still air and my table top brower incubator which I am ready to sell on ebay because it never hatches nothing i mean nothing.... I won that incubator in 4-h. Its very brand new so why is this occuring? Should I try a humidity monitor will it make a huge difference cause the next batch of eggs I'm going to incubate them hopefully I can find someone who is willing to sell me some banty eggs around my area. It seems I'm the only chicken breeder or raising chickens around here so wish me luck. Oh one more thing I have 25 hens and 2 roosters

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