I have my new calander up!

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  1. I cannot believe It is almost 2013. It feels like it was just 2011. 2012 went by in a flash, didn't it?
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    Yes to me it sure when by quick!! Were half way through the school year!!! Crazy!!!

    i put my new calnder up today too, it still has Dec, on it, but it's so nice to have the new one up!!
  3. Mine is 16 month, but when I opened it, I realized the extra months were 2014, and not 2012. So mine goes until April of next year.
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    Jun 15, 2010
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    Didn't you ever hear that it was bad luck to hang the calender before the 1rst? When I was a kid we shot the shot gun at midnight, hung the calender, put up the horse shoe toe down so the luck wouldn't run out and had the good luck New Years dinner. Mom says it was one of our worst years. So much for superstition!!
  5. Meh, just a superstition. I never thought much about superstitions until I read The Adventures of Hucklebery Finn. Then I relized how many obscure ones are out there. You would go crazy if you ever tried to keep track of them.
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