I Have No Idea How This Happened!

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  1. I had the kids' babysitter spend the night, tonight, since I have to get up for work early. Well, she took my wife's van to the store and on her way back, she stopped at her mom's, right next door, to get something. She was unable to start the van back up so she called me for assistance. Found out was a dead battery.

    We came back to the house, ALL the kids are sound asleep, even when I left they were already asleep. The babysitter went into the diningroom to check on the bator for me. She noticed something abnormal and realized that one egg was MISSING! She looked around and then found it OUTSIDE the bator on the table, already zipped and pushing out but there was blood here and there. She grabbed the egg and ran to the bathroom to wet it down, her mom raised chickens and she knew what she was doing. She found that the chick was still breathing and started chirping again so she put it back in the bator.

    We have NO idea how the chick got out of the bator. The kids were asleep for hours now and couldn't be them. The temp was still at 67% like when I left. THIS IS A MYSTERY! I called my wife up and told her about it. So far, the chick is still alive and coming out. I told her that if this chick makes it, we HAVE to name it LUCKY!
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    Wow, great story! I guess that chick REALLY wanted to hatch out, all the way out of the bator [​IMG]

    Seriously, I'd ask the kids in the morning. I'm willing to bet one them them had their hand in this, literally.

    [​IMG] that the little pip keeps going strong [​IMG]
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    Cat? Was the lid back on? If so, must be one dexterous cat. ;-)
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    and then the cat put the egg on the table........not! someone was pretending to still be asleep!
  5. We don't have cats, our youngest daughter is allergic to them. Yes, the lid was on. It didn't make sense at all! None of the other eggs were moved and this one was in the MIDDLE of the bator. I'm racking my brain off on how the heck this happened!
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    Strange.... but the chick is alive and that's what matters.
  7. The house is owned by our babysitter's mom and it been in the family for generations. Well, we always joked our babysitter's great grandfather [​IMG] is haunting the house. Tonight it is kinda getting a little serious. We are suspecting that good old great grandpa is the one that messed around with the chick LOL! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We are taking turns every hour checking in on the mysterious Lucky Chick. So far so good. She did give us a bit of a scare, stop moving and her breathing and heartbeat seems to have gone down but thanks to Dianna's skills and knowledge, she just stuck her hand in through the window and kinda bumped it a little and "snuggled it" (she said a mother hen would do the same thing sometimes) and it came ALIVE and now won't shut up LOL!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] that little Lucky Chick (LC for short) makes it through the night.

    The other 2 that have pipped hours ago, have not made any progress so far and from what I have seen, the temp and humidity did NOT drop or raise the whole time. One has what looks like it's beak sticking out of the tiny hole, is that normal?
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    i think you've to ask everyone in the house to know who was responsible to this.

    i never thing the egg can make it way out of bator, undetected, it's not a stealth egg.
  9. Quote:I agree that an egg can't get out of the bator all by itself. Im not sure what happened and I did ask the kids this morning and OFC they denied it. I was pretty sure they were knocked out when I went next door but who to be sure?

    LC MADE IT OUT!!! She still hasn't absorbed the yolk but she is out and doing good so far. Another one I jsut found is about to zip and the other still isn't moving or anything, keeping my eyes on that one (the one with the beak sticking out of the hole). I don't see anymore pips so far.
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    wow, congrats, post the pics when available, many would like to see the beauty LC.

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