i have no idea what to do!!

micah O

6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
at the computer.
i just finished a hatch of twenty eggs and only 6 hatched, i then cracked the others open to see how many had embryos in them, i looked at them and ever single one had an embryo in it and one or two were in the day 20 or 21 stage. The rest were at the two weeks stage or less and then died. I was wondering what the causes would be and if its from bacteria how would i get rid of the bacteria.
Thx and plzz help!!!!
P.S. i also was wondering if u had any good hatching tips.
The causes for embryo death at that stage could be incorrect temperature/humidity, improper or not enough turning of the eggs, inadequate ventilation in the incubator, or nutritional deficiencies in the breeders' diet, resulting in inadequate nutrients in the egg, or contamination of the eggs. Tell us a bit more about your incubator, the temperature/humidity, how old were the eggs, were they shipped, etc?
The eggs were roughly one to two weeks old and were not shipped but form my old hen, the incubator is a Little Giant with fan incubator. the temp was 99.5 to 100.5 and the humidity was 40-50 adn at the last few days 50-60.

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