I have only gotten one Big Brown egg and 1 A&M egg = Why not more?


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Well I have 10 Big Brown hens and 2 A&M hens and I have only gotten one egg from each breed two days after I got them. that was at least a week ago and I havent even seen the shell of an egg or anything. Is there something I may not be doing right for them? I have them on a actual quail food tha I was given for free. If that is old could it be stopping them from laying?

the stress from the move can slow down or stop the egg laying process for two weeks or so. Did you happen to pick those up from Don by chance?
Yes I did. Did you get the birds from him for dog training? He told me someone up in michigan bought a bunch for training their dogs or something like that. lol

I actualy got 18 birds from him. 13 big browns, 3 A&M's, and a pair of mexican speckled bobwhites.

I thought that was you!!! He told me someone from toledo area was/or had come out. I bought the rest of the jumbo's from him before he took them to the auction. The dog trainer came out the day before I got there!!!!!

He still had A & M's left, but I couldn't pass up the deal he had, 'cuz I've had hordes of raccoons attacking my outdoor pens and coops (moved my operation to garage)

When you said big browns I thought couldn't be........... (what he calls the jumbo's
Cool!I cant believe how many people I have met on here that are part of BYC and buy birds from the same people as me! lol

I only got 3 A&m's because Don wasnt 100% sure on how to sex them

Being colorblind I wait till they crow then ziptie the left foot

A&M's, well sexing those would have to be by the vent. Monarc23 has a great thread on how to sex them with a video.

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