I have piglets and a mean sow


6 Years
May 6, 2013
Anaheim Hills
My girlfriend and I have a male and a female potbelly. We were told the female was fixed, so we weren't worried. Well, she had babies. There were 9 born and 4 were dead on arrival. She crushed two by laying on them and then actually crushed one with her mouth in front of us and killed it. There are a boy and girl left in good health. She is mean to them and rarely lets them feed off her. They are 7 days old and already eating off the ground. What do I do to prevent her from hurting these two?
Separate them, I think, is best. She must have let them feed a little if they're alive but she's already shown she's willing to kill babies and they sound desperate if they're feeding off the ground already --- but I don't know that much about pigs. I have heard piglets waste away fast, but then so do basically all infant animals.

I'd take them off her and raise them by hand from now on if they were mine. But I'm no expert and there are some pig experts on this forum so hopefully one of them will help you. Best wishes.

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