I have questions!! PICTURESS with them;)

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    Mar 14, 2011
    Okay so i am thinking of showing some of my birdss....all are 18 weeks old Are any good for showing if so which ones?

    so here is a white ameraucana or is it an araucana? also is she good for showing?Her name is Angel.


    Here is a Black Japanese Bantam..but why are his earlobes white? Is he good to show or not? His name is Spike.


    Here is a black japanese Bantam Hen....is she good for showing or not?No name:(


    Here is my one and only bearderd white silkie is this one good for showing also is it a boy or girl?? No name:(


    Here is another black jap. rooster is this one good for show also this ones ears are not as white as Spikes? No name:(


  2. WallTenters

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    Feb 16, 2010
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    I'm sorry to say, those are not Japanese. The white earlobes are a dead give-away. Also, Japs can have medium length legs but even the longest legged Japs do not have that long of legs. They also have what is known as a Squirrel tail, or should. This means their tail is so far up that on the roosters it actually curves towards their head past the 90 degree mark. Look for photos of exhibition Japs and you'll see what I mean by this. I don't know much about the Mediterranean class but it looks like that's where they are from, but bantam size. Maybe a Minorca cross or something like that?

    As far as the Americauna, I think it could be a bit young to tell if she's going to have a better beard. She is not top quality, but better than what many folks own and think of as Americaunas. I can tell you right off the bat she will get knocked down on beak color, the beard, wing carriage, and a few other things. Sorry I can't be more help.

    I would very much suggest buying, or at least checking out from your library, a copy of the Standard of Perfection to read through and through. It has a ton of great information on the different breeds and faults to check for. I think showing birds is very fun and you should do it even if you don't have outstanding stock. Go, enjoy the experience, and maybe you will meet a mentor there that can kind of take you under their wing and help you choose that one special breed you'll focus on and work on breeding to standard. Have fun!

    Cute little flock! They look pretty happy in there - and the glossiness on that black roo is a good sign of good health, so good job!
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    The birds you noted as Japs are very apparenty Rose Comb crossed with OE,
    The others I cannot be of much help as I am not familiar with the breed standards. I too would suggest gaining access or purchasing a copy of the APA standard of perfection.
  4. cubakid

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    Aug 22, 2010
    Quote:That "Japanese" has to be part mediterranean considering it is as big as the large white "Ameraucana" standing on the roost above it, in the last pic [​IMG]
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    Depending on the size they look more like black dutch or something if theyre a bantam. Black Japanese are supposed to have yellow legs if I remember right.

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