Oct 28, 2017
Hello, I just wanted some extra tips and things to help me. I got this large incubator (still air). And I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations. I have good experience with care of baby chicks ducks and grown but what I really need tips on is incubating. Here are simple questions I'm not here for you to state the obvious I just need a bit of help.

1 What happens if the eggs overheat

2 What happens if you don't add humidity

3 Will not turning them kill or make them not hatch

4 I have 6 rosters and 3 hens currently together in a coop (for these eggs) so on a scale of 20 how many is likely to be firtlized.

5 Do the rosters fertilize all year round.

6 Also a wierd thing my hens never get broody like ever so I had to take matters into my own hands. They seem to not care.

7 tips and tricks
Please answer like this
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While you can glean answers to these questions from the experienced hatchers on BYC, I strongly urge you to read "Hatching Eggs 101" in the learning center. It's a lot of reading, but will answer all the questions you don't even think to ask. IMO, this is the most informative article on BYC. It should be required reading for any one who intends to ever hatch an egg, before ever plugging in an incubator or setting eggs under a broody hen.

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