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Jun 9, 2017
NW Missouri
I have been wanting to get some peafowl for a long time, and I just wanted to ask some questions before I get serious.

1. If I get some eggs, what will happen if I put them under a broody hen? I suppose it would be the same as a hen raising ducks or geese....

2. What should I feed them as chicks?

3. How high of a roost would they need in a chicken house? Do they get along with chickens?

4. Once they are grown, do peacocks fight? Also, what is the peacock to peahens rule?

5. Do peahens lay an egg every day? Or just in the spring, like turkeys.

6. Is ther a certain breed that does better in the winter? We have half of our coop all covered with a door that Opens up, and a little hole on the bottom for the chickens. I also have a heat lamp in there for when it gets in the teens at night.

Anything else I missed? Any tips or advice would be appreciated!



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Sep 29, 2013
The Scenic Flint Hills of Kansas
The first topic on the main "Peafowl page are a list of 'Stickies' that address things like basic maintenance, housing, feeding, and medications. We are available to answer your specific questions but there is a wealth of information there that will give you lots of very good advice. Many of the people that have answered your questions will not see your post but their answers are saved for you to see.

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