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    I want to get a show quality silkie and start caring,breeding, and showing them. I am a chicken owner ( I have alot of chickens and have had chickens for about 3 years now) so I can take care of them, but since they are bred for showing and are a bit smaller and more delicate then typical backyard flock birds I have some questions on them.

    1. First off what color silkies are the most common in shows? And are all the different colored birds welcome in shows or only certain colors?
    2. If I breed my show silkies, which I want to, do they need to be in a different area from the other SQ hens?
    3. Ive never shown before and I'm going to get involved in the homeschool association and they go to shows, once again I havent shown before and although im looking into it more and more is there anything you can tell me or any tips for a first show?
    4. What kind of "special treatment" do they need in order to keep them clean, happy, and, well, safe?
    5. Does anyone know of a SQ silkie breeder in Louisiana, so I might be able to pick them up instead of shipped to me?

    This has absolutley nothing to do with showing but Ive heard of a silkie called a Paint Silkie and I want one. Does anyone know if they are even possible to get, where I can get one, and if so how much are they?

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    I have a couple of silkies but I don't show. My silkies do very well with my other bantams and don't need extra care. You should post this on the silkie thread where there is sure to be someone who can answer your questions about showing. Good luck! [​IMG]
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    Quote:1. Check with the ABA/APA (American Bantam Association/ American Poultry Association) to see what the accepted "Standard" colors are for Silkies. "Project" colors probably won't do as well as already accepted colors. I'm not a Silkie raiser, so I'm not familar with which colors are accepted and which are not.

    2. You can raise your show birds together if they don't beat each other up. But you may want to segregate a month or two before a show, give them some special "show bird" feed to spruce up their feathers, trim up their nails and spurs, etc. Purty them up, if you know what I mean! [​IMG]

    3. First show, make sure you put your best foot forward! If its only cage judging, make sure your bird is immaculate. Bathe them 3 days before the show (but not later, their oil glands need the 3 days to re-coat the feathers), clean their feet very well, buff their nails, its like a beauty pageant. A silk cloth rubbed on the feathers on show day makes them shine. And don't forget baby wipes when you go to the show. They will definitely step in poo and ruin their perfectly manicured feet!

    ****If you kids have to do "showmanship", that is an entirely different thing. Pick your tamest chicken, and check youtube for chicken showmanship videos. Practice, practice, practice.... Not just for your kids sake, but for the chickens sake as well.

    4. Check your local feed stores, there may be special "show bird" feed, a bit higher in protein for feathers, less yellow corn (which affects their color), special vitamins, etc. I give my birds vitamins and electrolytes before shows, to help with stress and dehydration. I try to let my birds be chickens when I'm not prepping for a show, i.e. scratch, peck, dust bathe, etc. And immediately after a show, all they want to do is get dirty!!! I don't give them any different treatment on a regular basis than I do my layers, except to keep my roos from fighting and damaging their combs. That is always a worry.

    5. Silkies aren't my thing, so I cant' help you on breeder info. Paints, as I've read, are quite rare. Good luck finding them!

    Extra note: You may want to quarantine your showbirds following a show, just in case there were any communicable diseases present, that weren't caught by the health officials.

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