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Ok, I am a new chicken owner. I really could not tell you what kind I have but I know I have 3 buff laced polish chickens (2 Roosters and 1 Hen) and I have 12 laying hens (not sure what these are. I will find out.

1st question I received my first eggs yesterday. only two out of the 13. why didnt they all lay at the sametime.

2nd question. DO i have to have oyster shells for the chickens to eat??

3rd question. when i am ready to start incubating eggs, I have a still air incubator, But i do not have an automatic turner is that necessary?

4th question. do I need to have roosters to have the hen lay there eggs

that is all for now. Any more questions I will ask



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it takes time for them to lay they dint lay all the time oyster shell is good for them
if you have no turner you will have to turn by hand
you only need a rooster for the eggs to be fertile they will lay without the roostar
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Quote:If their young pullets they might not all start laying at the same time and certainly not all at once but thru out the day, any stress from moving to new locations hens will not lay right away, they have to get use to their new surroundings.

It's nice to have oyster shell out free choice incase a hen needs some extra calcium.

I have two still airs that I hand turn eggs 3 times a day, just place an X on one side and an O on the other in pencil, that way you know which side needs turned.

Hens do not need a rooster to lay eggs, they need a rooster if you want fertile eggs.
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