I have started an intervention. I'm glad I did, but worried.


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Apr 7, 2014
I have a duck that was not making any progress. He pipped about 48 hours ago. His beak was sticking out, and he is slightly breach. I chipped away at the shell near the beak and widened the hole. The membrane is very tough, so I guess that means he didn't get enough humidity. I was able to tear some of it away. I was able to chip off and pull away about one fifth of the shell and less of the membrane. I was moving slow though, so I put him back into the incubator. He certainly has more room and is moving around some. I'm probably going to work some more on it in a little while. The membrane is partially stuck to his feathers. Is that when it is shrink wrapped? It is not moist. I think the duck would've died soon if I didn't help him because he REALLY looks ready to be out. I encountered one speck of fresh blood and stopped working in that area. Otherwise, he looks good.
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I SAVED MY LITTLE DUCKIE!!! I am so glad I intervened. His umbilical cord was off, and what I think was the remains of his yolk sac was just a shriveled up piece of yuk. He just couldn't get out; the membrane was too tough. He is just adorable!!!! Although not many people have replied to my posts so far, all of the information on here was invaluable. I watched lots of videos on how to intervene. The thread on when to assist here on this site is FABULOUS. Such good information. My duckie is out and he is alive. I am the happiest person right now!!!

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