I have to brag on our hen.

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    Jun 20, 2019
    We are new to chickens. Unfortunately we had to learn a lesson the hard way. I thought I had secured our coop, but when our chicks were little, a racoon opened the latch and ate all but one of our chicks. The one that was left, a BSL named "Lenny" is just a survivor. She's all alone--I have to find her a couple of friends--but in the absence of the others, she bonded with our dog and our family. She would come in the house if we would let her. Anyway, I just wanted to brag on her egg laying. She started laying at 21 weeks and she literally has not skipped a single day. I don't know how she will keep it up, but we are proud of her. The internet says you can expect 250-300 eggs a year from a BSL hen, and I'm sure at some point she'll slow down, but as of now, she's on pace for 365!
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    What a little trooper. I hope you can get her some friends soon.
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    If she had friends, she might spend the night talking instead of laying eggs, just kidding. She is awesome...
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