I have Twin Chicks due sept 24th Please help


6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
I was candling on day 10 and I have a double yoke egg and there are 2 moving chicks in it. Has anybody ever assisted with twins? If you have what did you do? what is the best thing to put on the membrane? What day did you wait to assist 21,22 or when the first one pips? This is my first hatch and will be my first assist.
I don't want to hurt them but I would like to give them the best possible chance of survival and from what I read they will not hatch unassisted. I have watched videos on utube to see if I could get an idea but I wanted to talk to you great BYC peeps because you have been awesome!
Please any info or advise would be so helpful especially if you have been through this before!! I hope to get pics and possibly video when I assist. Just trying to learn as much as possible before the 24th!
I am a newbie, and have no experience to share with you. However, in my research on hatching eggs on-line, I did see a great video on assisting twins that was posted on YouTube.

Good luck!
Firstly i wish u luck, and i know how hard it is to be patient.

I would think they would struggle to pip (or at least one will)

At the signs of pipping, i would make sure both chicks beaks have clear access to air, even if this means having to make a small hole at the sight assumed to be where the other chicks beak is.

Be very cautious of bleeding when breaking through the inner membrane, and once both chicks can breath clearly place the egg back in the incubator and wait... In this time the chicks are learning to use there lungs and they start to oxygenate their blood internal rather than through the shell , this process is what makes the yolk contract into the stomach and the navel close over. AND CAN TAKE HOURS. The chicks will show signs of high energy at times and be very sleepy at others,AND MUST BE LEFT ALONE

hopefully from this stage you will know when to finally break free the remaining shell, and have some betadine on have to apply to the navel area


I'm setting 12 d'Uccle eggs tomorrow =?
Candled and both twins are still moving around Yeah 6 days till lock down and 9 days till hatch day "knock on wood" I have a healthy hatch I really hope I can assist and I do it right and they survive!!! Prayers

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