I heard crowing!!!


10 Years
Sep 28, 2009
Eastern Shore, VA
I heard my first crows this morning!!! I was so excited that I have to admit I've been crowing to the boys in hopes of figuring out who it is. The lil butthead only crows when I'm too far away to tell which roo's making the noise!

And it's a good crow too. I know that sometimes when roosters first start talking they make funny, halfhearted noises. This one was fairly full sounding and carried well. He needs to get that last 'doo' on the end, but other than that it was beautiful!!!

So now I need to get those finishing touches done on the new coop, so I can separate the guys and gals. I want to be able to tell who's babies I'm getting! Hehe!!!

I'm cracking myself up with how excited I am over the crowing. Good think our neighbors aren't terribly close!
I was real excited when Jerry, our roo started "doodle dooin'" too! He had the most AWFUL sound for the first two or three months. It sounded like he had laryengitis! Now though, he sounds beautiful.

I celebrated when mine started crowing!

Did you know that as we say roos say cock a doo dle doo (5 sylables) other countries only have 4 sylables when they say what a roo says. all mine have 4 sylables! ????
My day just keeps getting better!!!

This evening I went to close up the coop and check on everyone. Just this morning I had been explaining to DBF how a pullet's comb will turn very red when she's getting ready to start laying. And low and behold ...

Two of my pullet's combs are noticably redder. And I know I checked them specifically this morning to show DBF their comb coloring. YAY!!!!!!

Now if I can just catch the crower in the act ... so I can give him a big treat!
I figured out for sure who it was today!!! I was walking around the workshop in front of the coop. I could here the crowing as I approached, so I tried to be as quiet as I could. I waited for a crow and shot around the corner to look in the run, and only caught the tail end, and couldn't see any of the roos. Darn!

So I crowed to them, and waited. The culprit hadn't responded to me previously so I wasn't really expecting anything. But then Elmo walked over to near where I was standing, looked at me all funny, and let out his crow. Toooooo cute!

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