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5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
Hey all-
I'll start by saying that I feel as though I've done my initial due diligence, (searching the forum, google, blogs,etc.). It seems a lot like diagnosing myself with WebMD. So sorry if this post seems like it has been done before.

I have a hiccuping or sneezing or man I hope it is not gape worm... She is new to the flock I'm guessing a year and 1/2 or so old. Poses the GWorm symptom of jerking her neck and 'hiccuping'. I swabbed her throat with the Q-tip and no pink, gave her an eyedropper of olive oil to see if it would soften some impaction or obstruction, alas - here she is (video):

I think it's turrets but there I go self-diagnosing again. Thanks in advance, this forum and community have been an enormous help on our little adventure in suburban chickens.
I there! My hen actually does this frequently when she either eats something dusty or after she takes a dirt bath (for some reason she like to plow her nose in the dirt which causes her to sneeze!) I don't think you should be concerned. But if doesn't cease then something else is wrong. Also, chickens can't hiccup so those are little sneezes!!
Thanks for the reply Mountain Peeps; it has gotten quite a bit better!
I posted the video to YouTube and then clicked the video icon in the post tool bar and inserted the link. BYC then embeds the YouTube video.

Sorry for the delay in responding!
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