i hope she is about to lay an egg???


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
SO I'm constantly chasing my Rhode island red out of the house. But yesterday and this morning she snuck in and jumped up on the couch to sit with me -instead of her usual ransacking the cockatiel/bunny beds. Well today I let her sit with me which she did for awhile then got up and sat on a magazine. So it occurrd to me: maybe she needs a nest. So I took a shipping box and filled it with hay set her in it in the livingroom and she's been in there scratching around for probably 30 min. And now is staring at me open mouth breathing. I asume she is pushing out an egg? How long does this process take?
After probably an hour in her box she started clucking loudly-upsetting all the animals. My husband came home for lunch and felt her back side said he didn't feel an egg and there wasn't one in the box. We set her outside the box and she calmly walked outside like nothing happened-stopping by the bunny dish on her way out. So idk what that was all about. Weird!!

Any ideas? Has anyone else seen this?
Im no expert but she might be getting ready to start laying
The only reason I think this is because my hen breathes hard before she lays an egg to. Good Luck
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