I invented a new game today: Spot The Grub Before The Chicken!

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    Here's how you play:

    1) Go out to your compost pile full of grubs
    2) Turn the pile so a bunch of grubs are put to the top of the pile
    3) Wait 2 mins to give the grubs a chance to dig an inch into the pile
    4) Let the chickens out of their coop
    5) Watch the chickens head straight for the compost pile (they were watching in earnest as you turned the pile
    6) As the chickens jump onto the pile and scratch your job is to see if you can spot the grub that was exposed by the scratching before the chicken nabs it!

    It is good to have another person to keep score of the number of grubs the chicken sees first.

    OH.... one important note:

    You're guaranteed to loose this game! [​IMG]

    But it sure is fun playing! [​IMG]
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    *VHC!!! (Very Happy Chickees!) [​IMG]

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