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  1. Built my own incubator. Have had limited success with 3 hatches. Changed to a heat coil instead of light bulb and decided to use water weasel. This go round I vowed I was going to set the temp by weasel, use an automatic turner and let nature take it's course. As a test, before I get some eggs I really want, I decided to set 20 of my bantam eggs (Knowing they will be mutts) and for good measure 20 button quail, you know, just to see. All were put in incubator on May 20 at 6 pm. I figured the quail should hatch starting June 5 and the bantam starting June 10.

    I flinched when the thermometer readings began fluctuating in what I considered terrible swings after about 10 days. I would see readings of from 103 down to mid 90's even on the weasel probe. Remember, this was an experiment with my eggs and a vow to not bother things, so I alternately cussed (under my breath) and hoped that MAYBE I would at least get a couple of chicks for each batch of eggs. For the entire period I just made sure there was water in the humidity cup.

    June 5, I checked the eggs and just as I figured NOTHING; oh well, I had read encouragement to at least give eggs an extra day or two so I left them. Day 17 I decided it was time to discard the quail eggs--when I opened to incubator there were 17 babies and 1 pipped egg!!! That's 90% hatch rate--the best I ever had!

    Quail are extra easy to incubate, I reasoned; let's see what happens with the bantam. Left home for the week end; went to transfer to hatch tray Sunday after noon for a Tues hatch--had a pip. Goody, maybe will have one chick. Checked Monday about 3:30 am (I know, I need a life) 5 eggs were pipped. At 5:45 AM
    my wife awakens me with "We've got 2 black babies." over the course of the day yesterday 13 hatched, last night 2 more and I'm waiting for 1 to get out of its shell. 90% hatch rate again!!

    I started this because when I retired I wanted to find something interesting to do--I FOUND IT.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] Congrats
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    Excellent [​IMG]
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  5. Oh, that makes me feel sooo much better. I've had temp swings which in turn cause me to have mood swings. I'm on day 12 so I'll keep on keeping on...

    So happy for you!![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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