I just can't take it anymore!!!!


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Glenfield, ny
I ordered new chicks in January
and they don't hatch until April 11th!
I can't stand the waiting! I had my brooder set up in my basement a week ago, premature I know, but I can't wait for my chicks to get here! I've got Polish, Blue Cochins, Jersey Giants, EE's, Golden Sebrights, and Mille Fleur Duccles coming! Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait! Ok, I had to get that out,
Anyone else in the same boat?
I honestly don't know how you are going to handle 1 more month of waiting. You must be a saint! I usually pull my incubator out in January and hatch and hatch and then still go buy some from TSC when their chicks come in in March.
Trust me I didn't want to wait that long but the winters are so harsh up here that I needed to wait so that when it was time for them to go outside the weather outside would be decent! I had 17 below zero here last night. I keep a 75 watt backlight in my little coop for my girls to turn on at night for a little extra warmth on nights like that.
Come tomorrow night, I'm gonna have 2 incubators going at the same time. I'm having a ahrd time waiting the 21 days it takes for the little chickies to hatch. there is no way I could have waited that long to get chicks.
I feel for you! Ive been collecting since Jan, have chicks hatching as we speak. you should join the model coop contest to make the time go by!
I would love to! But it's too darn cold to go out and build anything here!

No, its a MODEL, as in tiny, made of anything. you do this in the house at the kitchen table! For ppl who are bored with winter, waiting to build coops, or like me, waiting on eggs... check out the thread!
I'm right there with you. I ordered chicks in December, for an April 18th hatch date. I tried to strike a balance between making sure I got what I wanted, and leaving enough time to get the coop finished. The coop that was started back in June. If we don't get some snow melt pretty soon, my chicken coop is still going to be a skeleton on a concrete slab when it's time for the chicks to get out of my spare bathroom.

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