I just don't want to share my green eggs


9 Years
Apr 7, 2010
I have a flock of 13, one green egg layer and the rest all brown egg layers (with an occasional white one thrown in for good humor). I give all my excess eggs away to co-workers-most of whom are single income families, families in need, etc. My americauna just started laying last week. She is laying a very pretty, mint green egg. I feel so selfish for not wanting to share her eggs! There are several people who want them, but I'm just not ready to part with them yet. Maybe, if I hadn't waited so long to get them, or if I had several of her breed, or had been getting them for a long while and the "new" had worn off, I wouldn't mind parting with them. But, as it is, I want them all to myself.
I have three americaunas. They do lay very pretty eggs, so I don't blame you for not sharing! One of my girls lays blue-ish colored eggs, the other is greenish, and our smallest hen lays pink eggs.
You'll get over it... eventually. I used to hoard my green eggs, too. Now that the novelty has worn off, I love to see people's expressions when they get a basket of various shades of tan, pink, white, cream, speckled and green eggs... with an occasional goose egg thrown in. I am trying to acquire some blue and chocolate-colored egg layers for this year to expand my color scheme.

Good luck. And enjoy those green eggs.
I understand completely! My kids fight over the green and blue eggs like crazy. I usually scramble them all up together so each kid gets some blue and some green egg. They would freak out if I started giving them away!
Me too! I am looking for Marans and more EE's this spring. I love the colorful egg basket.

It is nice of you to give your other eggs away! Keep your green eggs for yourself for awhile--You'll know when you are ready to share them!

I enjoy sharing them so much and knowing that someone is getting good use out of them. There is a new lady on my list who is about 28 years old. She arranged a deal with a guy that owns a trailer. She is staying there and fixing the place up. He buys the stuff, paneling, paint, etc. and she is doing the repairs. She is pregnant. She has gone all winter without heat (until my MIL heard about it). My MIL got the electric turned on in the place, and she is getting eggs from me now. This poor lady hugged a loaf of bread when my MIL gave it to her. She will also receive any excess garden goodies that I get this year. Thankfully, she has just found a job at a restaurant. She walks to work every day, about a five mile hike. She will get to eat at work now, so that is a major blessing for her.

My kids fight over the green and blue eggs like crazy.

Two of my co-workers have small children in the Dr. Seuss stage. I will make myself part with them just so they can have green eggs and ham

It is so nice to know that this desire to hoard them is perfectly natural. It has been a very, very long wait. And, they are beautiful!!​
Yep, perfectly natural. When my girls started laying I didn't even want to eat them myself! I just loved looking at that pretty pale green egg. Of course, after we got a couple in the carton I was able to bring myself to eat them just fine (but not that first one, the first egg for all of my EE, my one white egg layer, and one of my brown egg layers (not sure who) I saved and blew out). Eventually it wears off. Sort of. The eggs that my one hen lays, when she lays because she only lays about once or maybe twice a week, are still such a novelty that I save all of them for myself. I suspect that if she ever became a regular layer I would stop hoarding her eggs.

And I would love to get an ameraucana and a marans for the blue and dark brown eggs. Except I am maxed out on the number of birds my coop can handle and my yard isn't big enough to add a second coop unless I want to turn it over entirely to the chickens. Which I don't. At least not until my dogs pass (and we for some unfathomable reason don't get another) and my toddler gets a whole lot bigger.
I have a flock of about 30 hens and 10 breeds so I get an assortment of brown egg colors, two white eggs from the buttercups and I have 4 EE's. I absolutely adore them all and when I do sell eggs I always add a EE egg tot he carton. I have people tell me that they love the assortment of colors......so do I.

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