I just found a hidden nest...


9 Years
May 15, 2010
North FL
...the eggs have probably been there 2-3 days. How long will they stay edible? Temps have been in the 70's but this nest is in a shady area that is cooler. Thanks.
I too discovered a hidden nest this weekend - the sillies were going in the cat house and laying eggs there. I found 18 from 3 hens - and they hadn't laid their eggs yet the day I found them! LUckily, our temps haven't been above the 40's so there wasn't much question that they were fine.
Yeah, I once found a nest with 17 eggs in it. From one hen. Surprisingly, they all passed a float test, but I still gave them to the dogs.

Silly bird.
My eggs are never put in the fridge. In alot countries outside of the US they are not. Eggs are good 3+ weeks at room temps.

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