i just had to buy them please help id


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Feb 24, 2010
i just had to takethese 2 sweeties home from markets today i have know i deas what they are apart from little fuzzy bums any help would be wonderful
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when u say market do you mean like, an Asian meat market? if so, they might be some asian breed. there are LOTS of those. They could be a mix. i would say barred rocks, but they don't have brown, and somehow the face seems wrong. r u sure they are chickens, because they look sorta like this turkey chick i saw once... probably not. u'll just have to wait and see. they r cuties,though.

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ha ha its wood shavings on the computer they wanted to know what i was up to
they have creamy coloured bottoms there feet are mostly black but one toe one each foot i got them from a community market they sell every thing they are little the fethers that are out are black

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