I just have to Vent


I Am THE Crazy Duck Lady
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Jul 9, 2008
I am SO fed up with people who act like they know something and end up being stupid.

I had a GORGEOUS swedish blue drake ( dies in january
) and he was my first duck.

Well, I didnt know what breed he was at the time and asked a friends father what it might be.

He tried to tell me that my little boy ( fully grown at 6 months old) was a Muscovy/ mallard cross!

And he said it like it was the only thing he could be. no other options.

Then, I saw a post on here of a crossbred dog trying to be identified. It was a hound mix, a large dog, and the girl posted saying that it was " A purebred Yorkie, Defiantly"
How is a dog the size of a heeler a yorkie?!

Then, When I was wondering in the woods, I found a cool new bone. I went up to the barn house and asked what it was, they tried to tell me it was an opposum skull.

THE THING HAD FREAKIN SPIKES ON THE TOP! There was no way on earth is could be a possum skull.

I am so tired of ignorant people giving false information with confidence.IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS , THEN DONT COMMENT!

Another time, i was taking my ducks to the vet, they had weird sores all over them, and some college student comes up to me saying " those look just like my chickens, are they silkies?"

Im sorry, I just had to vent on how frustrated I am with ignorance.

If you have similar stories, feel free to share


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
North Carolina
I saw the post abou the yorkie too and it made my day . I really had a great laugh about it. LOL

The one about that people don't know that a female chicken is called a hen and a male a rooster. And that they get frustrated about people mixing it up.

My mom always says: If you don't kow what you are talking about it's oke to keep your mouth shut.

It's better to say nothing than something that isn't really smart.

I speak 4 different languages and I often meet people when they hear me talking some thing else then english, most people are convinced I speak spanish.
The funny thing about this is that I can't speak spanish.

Don't be fed up with it but just laugh about it because this is gonna be one of those things that can get really annoying.

There are a lot of people in this world that think they know a lot but in real life they don't.
Sometimes saying you don't know
makes you smart too .


Real Men can Cook
11 Years
May 13, 2008
I really do know what you mean, as a rule i try very hard not to listen to my redneck country boy nieghbors. you know the type, slow talk, slow thinking, tobacco spit on their shirt. I truly think they don't like me because I keep up my property, no junk car yard ornaments, old tires on the roof holding down loose shingles, you get the idea. Now i have lived in the country now for quite some years now and have cows, chickens, pig's, horses, over the years in passing these knuckleheads have the strangest ideas for how to do things, and i think they look down on me because i like to do things right with good materials and a plan, not by the seat of my pant's and bailing wire. one of these day's they are going to tick me off and I will just plain tell them HEY idiot, I was not born here so i have more than a third grade education, and can say multiple complete sentences, so get the hell out of my face.

sorry you got me going for a bit, but yes that is what sticks in my crop.


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Jan 14, 2008
Actually there may be another reason they don't like you. Think about it. It will come to you if you're as intellegent as you think.


Staff PhD
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Jan 25, 2007
Everett WA/Corvallis OR
I'm fine with ignorant people. I can't stand those who refuse to learn, teach, and be respectful of ideas/ways of life that others choose. We are all ignorant at one point in time, and if I run into someone who does not know something, I try to discuss my knowledge of the situation with them to see if it cannot be reasoned out or shown otherwise.


Everybody loves a Turkey
11 Years
Feb 10, 2008
Eastern NC
Actually there may be another reason they don't like you. Think about it. It will come to you if you're as intellegent as you think.

Very well said, NY


Show Me Feathers Poultry CO
11 Years
May 4, 2008
I know how you feel 100% sometimes I feel just like ringing their necks and asking them just WHAT the heck they were thinking when they did such a STUPID thing!

People with commen sense and that use their brains are getting harder to find everyday!

I can't work with people that won't work either. They work or they GET OUT! there is so many people that just follow me around at work asking what next instead of getting it done and even after I tell them what has to be done they don't do it then come back and ask me the same stupid question over it makes me want to feel like telling them I JUST TOLD YOU THAT!!

I hate having to repete myself.

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