I just love anxiety attacks. Honestly why else do I have them


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May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
ok i am just venting at this point because I am tired of these. Over and over I think I get control and then I am back down to the bottom of the ladder again. I am dependent on taking calms forte and passion flower daily and even then I still have them. The passion flower just seems to make it where I have a chance in heck of getting control before i totally lose it.

It stinks and i am tired of these. i swear if I was not phobic about the bloody doctors I would go see someone about this. I won't, thats pretty much a given but it gets tempting. The last one I saw when these were super mild put me on what she said was a wonderful little pill that drove me completely out of my skull so that option is out. I am good with the herbals I guess. I just wish there was a fix for this. 10 years of postpartum anxiety is pushing the boundaries of my patience tonight.

I just need to vent and scream and yell that I am sick and tired of these and they can go away now. I guess I will go back to my camomile tea now. Thanks for letting me spew my frustration all over your computer screen.
I get them too. Hate them.
I am sorry...can you do something like an acupuncturist?? does that even help w/anxiety???

how about counselors/therapists? it doesnt have to be a doc that has a typical doc office/script writing doc??...

maybe even a pastor/minister??

I'm sorry honey; I absolutely have no clue what you are going through..so i cant even begin to offer any help...but my shoulders are big..so vent away!

I have had the same thing on and off for years. I never wanted to take any meds and they just kept getting worse over the years until in 2006 I began having very bad anxiety and panic attacks. They gave me medicine at the ER and told me to see my doctor. I took a few of the pills, and decided I didnt want any part of it. That was the biggest mistake I made. I ended up going to the hospital each week for four weeks by ambulance because of panic attacks. The doctor on duty literally cussed me out when I told her I just didnt want to be known as a pill head. She said; Do you realize how many people take these everyday and they have too. Blah blah blah. I didnt enjoy her cussing me out but I must admit she was right. If you need them you need them.I never wanted to experience those attacks again. It took weeks for me to be on medicine before I even felt some sense of normalcy in my life. I tried the herbel thing as well. It works for some people with very very mild anxiety. But take it from me it will get worse if you dont take care of it. I pray everything will go well for you. It takes 4-8 weeks to really get the meds in your system, so dont wait too long. It also takes time for them to find the right medicine for you. Good Luck
If I don't catch them right when it starts yes. I stay on guard. I start to feel at all tense, maybe a bit short of breathe, sometimes a bit snappy. I know by now what days are going to be very bad. If I catch myself before my brain spins everything out of proportion then its just short of breathe, tightness in the chest, sometimes even pain in the arm. I just have to chant over and over in my head that its ok and everything will be all right. When they are bad even though I have had hundreds of these it is hard to convince myself its not a heart attack. At times I am so desperate and freaked out I will go ahead and put the baby asprin under my tongue. Its like even though my head knows its not a heart attack I have to trick whatever part is freaking out that I have fixed the problem. I hate these so badly and I am just afraid I will live with them forever. I just cannot imagine saying somedays that I have had anxiety attacks for 20 or 30 years but at the rate its going that is what will happen.

My OB actually made the diagnosis initially and sent me to the lovely doctor with the screwed up pills that drove me out of my skull. Actually the anxiety attacks were worse after the meds than before. Those were horrible little pills. zoloft. awful pills. My Ob is the only doctor I will go to on a regular basis and who I trust. She has looked at my innards 3 times and I have survived each time so I figure she is trust worthy by now. Anywho she felt is was just post partum but it never went away and honestly unless you are depressed they don't really know what to do with you.

Tonight is just a really rough night. I got a cold. Which of course my head keeps spinning into I am dying. I know it sounds stupid and I think its stupid but I can't seem to stop the thoughts and the anxiety and panic that goes with it. Its like my brain is in battle with itself tonight and I am just not enjoying it. Finally one night all the kids go to sleep early and I cannot sleep because am too busy gasping for air. bloody wonderful
Heather, finding a medication that works for each person is different. I settled in nicely with Celexa. 20 mg a day, and it keeps the attacks at bay and I still feel emotions, which is important because alot of the meds take that away.

I encourage you to try a different doc, discuss this remedy and go forward. There is no sense in living like that.

Everybody's brain chemistry is different. Zoloft works great for me, but not for everyone. PLEASE see a good doctor, and try something else. It may take a while to find the right medication, at the right dosage, but you don't have to live this way.


Zoloft Sucks! Excuse my language. fthe first thing they gav e me and yes, it made me feel worse. And my daughter. She dont have it as bad as I do, but it still made her feel worse. And, about counseling. I had a great therapist, so great that i decided I didnt need mediation anymore. Whoops, bad move....for 7 months I thought I beat it, then I got the wallop. Out of the blue, I got such a bad attack, and I was all alone when it happened. Thank God for breathing and meditation, I made it through until someone got home to take me to the doctor. Needless to say therapy does work for some people, but not all. The best thing to do is see a psychiatrist, who knows the most about these attacks, let him decide if you really need medications, and also do your breathing. That helped me tremendously. Hope nobody attacks me, but if you need meds, you need meds. Just makes it bad for the people who do with all the druggies out there taking it for the heck of it.
Good luck!

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