I just need to say this.


8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
North Alabama
I have been raising chickens for over a decade now. I remember when this page started up. I frequently looked at it but did not join until 4 years ago.
I know I am not as involved as I use to be, but this place is still the first place i come to when I have questions. Each year it becomes more user friendly, each year more informative.
I am so very thankful his place exists, and even happier to have been apart of this place for so long.
Today a family member pointed out my calender on the wall is two years old. I explained that the calender was a gift from someone on BYC, featuring BYC birds, and though it is out of date, I still cherish it.
I have become friends with so many people on this site.
Just glad BYC exists

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