I just need to vent about Privett Hatchery

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Aug 8, 2009
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I ordered a bunch of chicks from Privett Hatchery, against my better judgement. Their customer service is horrible every singe time when I have called there in the past. I used to get an order here and there through Texas Poultry that would drop ship from Privett. Then, last year, a big order just never showed. So, Texas Poultry had them re-ship. Second order never showed. Disgusted, I just got a refund.

A few weeks ago, I was in a bind to get particular breeds that my customers have been asking for. And, Ideal (a FANTASTIC hatchery that I have never had problems with and who's sexing is better than 95% although they only guarantee 90% girls) is sold out of everything for weeks and weeks. I decided to give Privett another try.

Needless to say, the chicks never showed up. The last priority mail truck has been to my Post Office and no chicks. DH called Privett earlier today and they said the order shipped, but "if they don't arrive we can just re-ship...hahaha". WTH? How about you DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL. Especially since they charged our Credit Card.

NEVER EVER AGAIN from Privett Hatchery.....Unbelievable....

Now I feel a teensy bit better.
Wow and I was going to email you to ask about what hatcheries are best to order from...LOL. Sorry to hear that.. it would tick me off too! Not to mention.. where are those poor chicks?! I know you order regularly so would know which ones work best. Last year I bought 5 Buff pullets from you and the year before that I bought some Australorps. I'm thinking of getting some Cornish X or Broiler chicks but I'm not sure who to order from and how it all works with shipping and such. Do you ever get any requests for those? I wish I knew someone to go in on an order with me since I don't think I'd want 25 to butcher when the time comes.

Any words of wisdom would be great..

Thank's Sara!

Susan (from Castro Valley)
WOW, THAT IS ALL I CAN SAY!! I got my javas from them by texas poulty last year and the chicks were huge!!
I love my chickens from them and I will order from them too. Are you shur that they are NOT BEING TAKING BY SOMEONE!! THEY SAY THEY ARE SHIPED SO WHERE ARE THEY!! YOU MAY NEED TO LOOK IN TO THIS!! BY THE WAY I LIVE IN NY !!
Well, it sounds just like what is happening now to me with Ridgeway Hatcheries in Ohio. I ordered from my feed store over a month ago for shipment on May 25, they never showed up. Ridgeway said they were shipped but it's now May 31 and no one knows where the chicks are!!

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