I just ordered a Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco!


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They are on sale for $99 on the Brinsea website again. I got it and the auto turner for $191 including shipping. I need more chickens like I need a hole in the head, but what the heck!

Octagon 20 ECO Autoturn cradle
Automatic egg turner option for the new Octagon 20 ECO incubator.
Now on sale.
$69.99 $49.99

Octagon 20 ECO egg incubator
NEW entry-level brother of the Octagon 20 Advance for the cost-conscious and those who prefer simplicity over features.
Back in stock and Back on sale!
$129.99 $99.99
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Yea, friend lent me his Brinsea this spring for my first hatch, which was very good. Now I want one of my own, and soon, I will have one!
I was going to buy one off of their website a couple days ago. Got to the checkout and they were going to charge me $52 for shipping for the eco 20 and turner. It would only be going to Missouri. I may buy one yet, but that shipping charge is rediculous!!
I called in my order and the shipping was somewhere aroud $10 less than the website quoted. Still a bit ridiculous, but I really wanted the bator so did it anyway

It was not any more expensive than a Genesis WITHOUT shipping, so I felt like it was okay.
Mine would have been there in just a couple days, but UPS screwed up ... big time! I had eggs waiting and no bator to put things in (yes, I did it a little bassackwards
). The address was entered CORRECTLY by Brinsea, but UPS decided that I do not know my own address and changed it from Meadowlark Cove Road to Meadowbrook Drive IN A DIFFERENT CITY!! The worst of it was that they called me back after all my complaining and tried to blame it on Brinsea! How unproffesional. Not impressed.

I love the bator though
Been watching it on their website (and followed a couple, different models, on e-bay). Reading about them here and all over the web. Decided this is the one I want!!!!!!!

Brought it up to hubby this evening (what with the pandemic flu and all - need to be even more self-sufficient) and got incubator and turner ordered (both on sale
I got one just a little over a week ago, and love it. Like most say, "rock steady temps." Right now, 10 out of 11 fertile eggs (one was infertile) are developing in my Brinsea 20 ECO! I'd get another if I had the money.
I think you will really love the Brinsea. I bought mine back in the spring and it is the best. I hatched 24 out of 24 shipped eggs in mine on the first try. It really works great.

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