I just ordered another incubator. I need help.

dun chick

10 Years
May 21, 2009
pittsburgh steeler country
I just ordered anothere genesis incubator. This makes 2 of those and a 1602 hovabator. I really did not think my hatches were going well due to the hovabator so getting rid of it so will just use the two. I plan on buying a dickey once I get my flock established an d can start this business venture.
um where you gonna get rid of it too?
and congrats on the new bator
I'm gonna give it to one of the moms in our 4 h group. When I mentioned getting rid of it, she wanted to buy it. They really don't have much money and their kids are nice so I think I just might gift it to them. She wanted to an lg some one had. It actually is not a bad incubator but i love my genesis. There are still some heat spikes occassionally and it does not hold humidity as well as the genesis.

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