I just read on here to use 2x4s for roosts?

I don't use 2x4s in my coops. It's unnatural. Birds in the wild don't sleep on 2x4s. Their toes can't lock on a 2x4, so they could fall off. I

Get a branch that their toes can wrap around and lock for your chickens. They will like that better than worrying that they are going fall off a 2x4 while they are sleeping.
I use 2x4's with the 4" side flat and my girls like them. They seem to sit comfy and when they get up their feet are nice and warm. In our original pre-fab coop I placed a 2x4 in it for them to roost and they happily switched to using it. A 2x4 is wider than their feet so they wont fall off unless other birds are trying to get around them.
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I have used 2x4 untreated and two concrete blocks. My chickens loved them. You would not think it, but they like taking a break from balancing once in the while. The only reason they aren’t on them at night now is we took their box out and need to build another. I also have tree branches for daytime roost.

I tell you, I quickly found solutions for bumblefoot.

My nests are 1 ft off the ground.
My branches have branches to climb down rather than jump.
Their night time retreat is on the ground.
Luckily.. I don’t have any issues since bringing everything down to their level.
I also use pea gravel mixed with Oak leaves to keep their nails, feet, and crop clean.
2x4 narrow side up. Two roosts same height, along the back wall. They are attached to poop boards.


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