I just started my very first silkie eggs in an foam incubator ....


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Hi all I am a newbie to incubating and hatching of silkie eggs or any egg for that matter
I was hoping that there are some of you out there that could offer any advice to me for having a good outcome?
Yes, I have been reading through alot of literature but just thought that this would be a better way....? So this is my Day 1, please send out positive vibes for me to have a good hatching
.... I have 9 eggs in the foam incubator.

So anywho... any and all advice is very welcomed!!!

Thanks from a complete newbie!
Steve hands over a bucketful of positive vibes

If you have specific questions, plenty of people will address them very well indeed
Welcome LittleLola, Good luck on your hatching. My advice is to keep your temps. between 99 and 100 degrees, humidity at 50-55%, last three days up it to 75%, don't candle to much and sit back and wait. Good vides coming your way.
Thanks twigg and 4-H chicken mom!! Okay I have one question for you all now.... how often should I turn them a day? And is that humidity inside the incubator or outside? (I know that could be a very dumb question..) Also... since you said not to candle to much... should I candle at 7 days still?
Inside ...

Yes, candel at 7 days ... and 10

3 turns a day min ... esp. important in first 14 days, get an auto-turner if you can.
ok Twigg... the humidity inside is at 48 any tips on how to raise it to 50-55%?

the incubator that I have was given to me by a friend... it's not one with a fan...if that really matters?

Thanks again

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