I just stopped by for more starter, and now we have 2 more chicks!


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Apr 17, 2011
Twentynine Palms, California
The feed store owner was busy with another customer, so I just had me a looksie at the chicks they had while waiting my turn.

Long story short, we now have 2 new chicks, much younger and smaller than the other two we have. This is it, my limit is 4. I have four chicks in my living room.

So, I've got the little guys separate from the bigger little guys. I believe my coop and run will be roomy enough to house all four, although I will gladly add on if need be, plenty of time for that. I'm still afraid to keep anyone outside at night even though I've yet to see a coyote or other preditor, I don't want to use my "babies" as bait. They're fine in the living room "coops" for now. I do take the bigger little guys outside for supervised pen time.

Anyway, so now we have more chicks. Any tips.

Also the breeds are Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red, and two Silkies. No clue about gender.

And one more question. Is there a "general" place on this forum to post in daily? I feel silly posting in introductions since I've already made mine, but wasn't sure where else to go...
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Just wait until you go buy more starter
then your limit shall be 6...then 8...then 12
It's called chicken math!

from Indiana!!!!!!!
To answer your posting question...if you look at the top right of the BYC Home page you can get to the Forum. From there you can choose the category that you want to post your topic in. Be sure to subscribe to your own posts so that you know when you get answers. Clear as mud?
Going to the feed store when they have chicks in is always risky.
Enjoy your new fuzzy butts. Try posting your general posts under the "Pictures & Stories of my Chickens" section. Click on the index link to view the list of categories and post in the section which seems most appropriate for whatever you have to share at the moment. Hope that helps.
from Ohio. So glad you joined. That chicken math creeps up on you and you don't even know it.
That's is why I make the DH build my pens with screws. It is easier to make bigger.

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