I just want these...and that one..


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
thats all..few day old olive egg laying chicks..and a polish...

then I'll be done...


I'm not kidding about wanting a handful of olive egg layers & 1 polish hen...

<sigh>...I have too many chickens now..but I MUST have those....

I have no clue where to get them..I dont really want to hatch eggs either..I dont have time, incubator or the desire..I just want them as chicks..but I guess
I'll probably succumb to the temptation and try to get them either which way..but I only want a few..<sigh>
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I'm just looking for Speckled Sussex and Buckeyes, now. I'll just have to keep looking for the eggs online and hope I can win that auction or few without going too high in my bid(s).

And I really only want one of each, or two of each, maximum. Pullets, of course.

Is that so much to ask??

(Totally understand ya!)
You wait until you have room and keeps the family peaceful. There are like 5 breeds I would like to have..but I don't have the room, I shouldn't be spending the money, having them really isn't going to change my life and while my better half is the most wonderful man on the planet..I am not going to push it with my temptation when it's not the right thing to do.

I am selling off the extras in the breeds I have too many of, saving that money..and soon I will be placing an order for down the road. At that time, it will be fine to get them..but not now.

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