I keep finding one broken egg a day. Are they eating it?

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    For quite some time now--maybe a couple of weeks--I've been finding yolk residue on the other eggs in the nestbox. It's happened every day during the last week. No sign of the shell, just dried yolk in the nest box and on the outside of the other eggs. I haven't seen any signs of egg eating on the birds (dried yolk on their feathers or anything.)

    We have 6 hens who lay regularly. I also have 4 girls who are just starting to lay. I'm not sure how many of them are laying, but at least two are.

    I think that 3 of my hens are starting to molt. I have no idea if this would have anything to do with my egg mystery.

    If I have an egg eater, would it eat just one egg a day? Is it possible someone has a "egg factory" problem and is laying eggs without shells or something?

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    Sometimes my Silkies will eat an egg if it is broken by accident. Maybe someone is stepping on one and...waste not, want not... [​IMG] Mine LOVE eating the eggs, but rarely break one to just eat it. That's my personal experience with my personal chickens though. There ARE such things as egg eaters, mine are just when accidents happen.

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