I knew it!...........


11 Years
May 27, 2008
Elizabethtown, KY
I bought 8 girls from MPC received them around 1st of August. 2-RIR, 2-EE, 1-NHR, 1-BO, 1-BA, &1-PWR. Healthy active chickies. I love them after about oh 4 weeks I was becoming a little suspicous about one of my EE's. It had rooish qualities about it. Trying to tell everyone what to do, nit-picking, and was trying to mount some of my girls,
, it's not even dark like my other EE very light beautiful colors hmmm....suspicious! Any-oh-who I was out feeding them this morning before leaving for work, now mind you I have at least that I know of 2 other roos 1-silkie roo, and 1-br roo(maybe even 2-br roos)and about 2-3 weeks older than the one's from MPC, I have been patiently waiting for someone to crow, and low and behold while I was out there someone tried to crow, I didn't see who for it was for I was opening the window for my bigger chicks. I turned around and said"who did that"? And he answered with another attempt of er-er-er,
, "I knew it" I am so glad it's a roo, he is soo pretty and such a sweet boy loves to be petted and loved on, he'll be a great boy for my ladies and I'll get pretty 'lil' beautiful more chickies from this guy, again,
, and I get to call MPC and receive another biddie,
. God is good!
Its exciting when you hear that first attempt at crowing, huh! Mine is fairly new at crowing and I was just thinking as I listened to him the other morning that his crow gets higher near the end so it sounds like a question! (does that even make sense, i got peeps hatching so i was up late and am tired)
Anyway, glad he's beautiful and friendly...I love mine but he's flighty.
I think she ordered all 'female' and if some turn out to be male they'll replace them sometimes... if she got straight run they won't.
Sorry, I wasn't able to reply back sooner. Yes, I did order all girls from MPC and they will replace if you receive any fellows. Thanks for the replies guys. I get another chickie,
, I get another chickie,
Hmm.... I don't know yet, because I know due to body tempature reasons they have to send a certain amount to maintain a certain tempature. I will probroly call MPC at the end of this week because I believe they will want me to send a picture of the roo to them and I'll have to go to my mothers house to use her computer to uploads some pics to my photobucket account, because my home PC stinks. I mostly use my work computer on here during the day and I don't put any personal files on it. But I will let you all know the outcome.

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