I know I'm asking a lot of question.. BUT I NEED HELP!!


8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
Neck blisters??? I don't know.. My buttons have neck blisters at the back of their neck.. on the right side.. I checked only 3 and all 3 have them..

Are these neck blisters? It had yellow and watery stuff in it.. Or is it a crop bubble (I saw this while I was researching)?

I know I don't know anything about buttons.. and I'm really sad that I can't do anything..

buttons have same thing just like the one in this link's pic.

They have yellow and watery stuff in it.. like I said before..

Should I be worrying about this? I'm really really panicking

Also, my buttons are 4 days old, and they don't have much of the feathers like the one in the pic.

Well. Some of the big ones are covered mostly.

But rest of them don't have much of the feather underneath the wing and at the back... should I be worried about this also?

I don't know how to upload pic.. I tried it few times but it didn't work..
Heat lamp is close to them.. It's between 97 to 100 degrees in there.
I change it twice a day

They don't seem to lose feathers.. It just seems they they are growin some..

Now they have more feathers than yesterday..

But they scratch with their beaks sometimes.. this is normal, right?
their feathers and colors are changing

So.. are those crop bubble? they didn't seem hurt when I touched those...
I'm worried
They could be crop bubbles.

Sometimes it itches when new feathers grow in. It's kind of like shaving your legs or beard (trying to use both genders) and then hairs grow back. So it's a normal behavior. It's when they are pulling feathers out or losing feathers all together that's when you have an issue.
hmm.. don't know about beard since I never had them..

Well yesterday I was trying to change the wrapped gauge.

Then the button just squirted brown watery thing... (guess watery poop)

Is this normal when they are surprised/weired/etc ?

Also, I heard that the white poop is a bad thing. Well most of the poops are brown but on the few brown poops, there is tiny white part at the top.. should I be worrying about this?

....talking about poop is fun....haha
Dude, those quail have so many things wrong with them that you would probably be better off dumpin' them on the floor, stompin' on 'em, and get yerself a couple of hamsters. At least the hamsters don't fart very loud.

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