I know now what killed my bird. What next?


We will get through this... together!
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Mar 5, 2019
SE Missouri, USA
Dogs work for us. We have an aussie/border/lab/dunno mix that did a good job watching but is too much of a house pet. So, we got a Scotch Collie. Haven't lost a bird to predators since! He sits out there and keeps an eye on everything and kills rats, goes after foxes, goes after racoons, and has very successfully kept hawks away. I know his relatives will attack a hawk that gets close enough to the ground and I'm pretty darned sure he would too...but they've been smart enough to stay well away. We see them circling the field by our house and they won't come into the yard! Scotches are a good choice because they are low-maintenance for coats and health, fantastic pets, and by preference will want to sit and watch over the yard rather than be inside. If you can get a good appropriate dog breed, they are amazing...they'll even put the girls up if we need them penned so we can go somewhere without leaving them out!
Would you post a pic of the wonder dog? I need one like this!
Apr 13, 2021
It's just beautiful that U grabbed Ur hens and ran to save them like a "madman" as U say. That's honorable. As for Hawks I don't know how to stop them, never had issues with them. However my rooster has warned, hens before of big birds over head an they all run together with there fluffy bums. Get a roo if U can maybe.

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May 6, 2020
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I think the reason jays and crows attack hawks is because they are natural prey for hawks. A single jay is asking for it. I think I'd need to attract a family unit. They attack in groups to defend themselves.

This is actually the next thing I'm going to try for now. It's playing the long game, but if I can lure jays and crows to the area I think it's my best bet. In the background I'll be building a chicken tractor covered in hardware cloth. If what I'm reading is true, my redtail will come back again and again daily forever and given the draught conditions we're experiencing, it won't stop for my dogs, for me, for decoys, for jack shit and I'm hosed. Now I just need to figure out how I can feed the corvids without feeding the squirrels, too. I don't need any more of those stupid things burying my neighbor's acorns in my grass.
Feeding safflower seed can help. It tastes yukky to mammals so its not #1 on squirrel lists.

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