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    I`ve been raising and breeding fowl for 51 years and have always believed that it is imposible to determine the fertility of an egg by looking at it. While it is true that the egg must be opened, thereby eliminating any chance of hatchability, the following link illustrates that fertilization can be determined and will therefor be likely in other eggs from the doner pair. My thanks to MissPrissy for calling me on the statement I made to the contrary. Old dogs can indeed learn new tricks.

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    [​IMG] None of us are ever too old to learn something new. How many eggs have you cracked to look for the blastoderm ring? lol
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    Quote:I probably never will. I breed fine exotic oriental gamefowl and hardly ever eat their eggs. Probably would choke me up to break one. LOL
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    Every time we break eggs in the frying pan I look for fertility.
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    That is a great help.... thanks for sharing it.
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    Last week I showed my dd how to check eggs for fertility. I told her that sometimes you have to turn the yolk over, gently, to find the blastoderm. Its really cool.


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